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Pre-launching on September 14th 2022!

Why we're building Tokidos

Our brain is 85% developed by the time we're 5 years old! But most children products don't reflect the intelligence and capability we possess at such a young age already... We're here tochangethat! Starting with Tokidos Five, we're building enriching and ultra-fun learning experiences that truly represents the intelligence and curiosity of the next generation of humans - our children!!!

We also want this reality to be adaptive, so that the right content finds our children atthe right place and the right time!

Lots of love!

The Tokidos team!

Our value


Allow children to increase their self-esteem!

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Help children solve problems creatively!

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Help children take initiative and be in control.

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Allow children to discover their unique voice.

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The team

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Luiz Brandao

Co-founder & CTO

With over 15 years building products, Luiz is fascinated with things well built. 🏅 His attention to details makes him very hard to fool and his immense curiosity a joy to work with! ❤️ His specialization in web development paired with his background in electronics is a great combo in the development of IoT products. 🧩He wants to help bring kids the same fun he is having working on Tokidos. 🍄

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Ralph Nakhle

Co-founder & CEO

Ralph has played key roles in the growth and success of multiple startups over the past decade (Equatex €560M exit, Holidu, Guiker) 💰. Having become a new father recently 🐣 , he is fully committed to building magical growth experiences for his son’s generation 🕹. He loves long distance obstacle racing 🏁 and is a tennis and ski fanatic 🎾!

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Marco Lurati

Tech director

Marco is one of those rare hybrid engineers / interaction designers that have the ability to marry the design and tech worlds in a meaningful and well-engineered way 👾🎨. He believes that knowledge and action is what makes things happen! 🎯He's passionate about crafting great immersive experiences. He also happens to have spent a full winter season living with and training sledge dogs in Norway! 🥶🛷

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Théo Geiller

Product designer

Théo is a gifted 🎁 all-round designer that strives in game design 🎮 as much as brand and UX design. He's fascinated by early childhood development and continuously looks for micro-interactions that can delight ⭐ our young users!

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Michael Mbabazi

Finances manager

Michael takes care of all the numbers at Tokidos 💯 🔢. He is responsible for monitoring funding opportunities, budgeting, expectations and writing financial requests 💵. When it's not numbers, you'll find Michael sampling sounds and making music with unexpected sounds like construction sites, alarms, waves, movie dialogue and more! 🎹 🚧 🚨 Grab your popcorn! 🍿

Our advisors!


Data analysis and AI at Holidu,


Game design Ubisoft, Fougarou prod.


Commercialization 8D tech (acq. Lyft)


Cognition and Child Development Scientist

A big thank you

To our partners and supporters

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