Why we're building Tokidos

Our brain is 85% developed by the time we're 5 years old! But most children products don't reflect the intelligence and capability we possess at such a young age already... We're here tochangethat! Starting with Tokidos Five, we're building enriching and ultra-fun learning experiences that truly represents the intelligence and curiosity of the next generation of humans - our children!!!

We also want this reality to be adaptive, so that the right content finds our children atthe right place and the right time!

Lots of love!

The Tokidos team!

Our value


Allow children to increase their self-esteem!

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Help children solve problems creatively!

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Help children take initiative and be in control.

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Allow children to discover their unique voice.

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The team

Véronique Lopez

Senior Cloud programmer

Véronique Lopez is responsible for backend, cloud and the implementation of AI solutions at Tokidos. She has previously been a full-stack developer, a software designer and co-founder/CTO of a tech startup. Her leadership and ability to hire and grow tech teams make her a great fit for Tokidos’ short and long term goals.

Kelly Hornung

Contributing narrative designer

Kelly Hornung specialises in writing interactive, open world and environmental narratives. As Tokidos’ narrative designer, she’s passionate about creating immersive experiences that invite children to explore and play.

Kevin Sandapen profile photo

Kevin Sandapen

Technical director

Kevin delivered over 20 digital/phydigital products to market and has more than 15 years absorbing and delivering new technologies and business models. Kevin’s experience building and shipping connected products is an essential part in having a complete and complementary team at Tokidos.

Sara-Julie Turbide

Project manager

Sara-Julie Turbide is the project manager at Tokidos. She led several projects in her career where she was called upon to gather teams from different disciplines, organise them and oversee them to deliver work that respects deadlines and budget. Sara-Julie’s strong leadership, communication skills and sense of teamwork comes from her experiences as a competitive volley-ball player and coach.

Ralph Nakhle picture

Ralph Nakhle

Founder & producer

Ralph has played key roles in the growth and success of multiple startups over the past decade (Equatex €560M exit, Holidu, Guiker) 💰. Having become a new father recently 🐣 , he is fully committed to building magical growth experiences for his son’s generation 🕹. He loves long distance obstacle racing 🏁 and is a tennis and ski fanatic 🎾!

Marco Lurati picture

Marco Lurati

Hardware developer

Marco is one of those rare hybrid engineers / interaction designers that have the ability to marry the design and tech worlds in a meaningful and well-engineered way 👾🎨. He believes that knowledge and action is what makes things happen! 🎯He's passionate about crafting great immersive experiences. He also happens to have spent a full winter season living with and training sledge dogs in Norway! 🥶🛷

Julien Giraudet

Game designer

Julien Giraudet est responsable du game design chez Tokidos. Il travaille dans l'industrie du jeu depuis 10 ans, ayant été développeur QA sur des productions AAA telles que : Wildstar, NBA 2k17 et Batman Arkham Knight. Il a dirigé la conception de jeux à l'université de Laval pendant 2 ans où il a travaillé sur des projets qui gamifient l'apprentissage pour les enfants de 4 à 12 ans.

Matt Farough

Senior Firmware & App programmer

Matt Farough est responsable du développement des moteurs et des jeux ainsi que du développement des applications chez Tokidos. Il a 3 ans d'expérience dans l'écriture de firmware et 7 avec le développement natif iOS et Android. Tokidos est un bon endroit pour Matt pour combiner son amour pour la technologie et l'innovation avec son amour pour les jeux éducatifs intelligents.

A big thank you

To our partners and supporters

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