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Empowering children of today, tomorrow and beyond!

What triggered us!

Our brain is 85% developed by the time we’re 5 years old! But most children products don’t reflect that reality :( We’re building playful learning experiences that truly represent the unique intelligence and curiosity of every child!!!

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What we believe:

As children, we should have the opportunity to develop in ways that are most fitting to us!
That’s how we think we can create a truly bright future for us all.

Our values

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Understanding that mistakes are a natural part of any successful process is critical. By shifting our approach to failure, we allow children to look at mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow!

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Independence & collaboration

Nothing great is ever achieved without a collective effort. And our strengths are unique, and it’s only by uncovering our uniqueness, that we can create greatness!

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What makes humans different is our ability to imagine worlds and then create them! We want to empower the future generation of children to imagine then build worlds we never knew were possible!

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Self expression!

If the universe had a plan, it would be that each and every one of us be fully self-expressed. We want to nurture that ability in children so that it never fades away! They are born self-expressed!

Our vision

By building learn-and-play systems that adapt to our children’s interests - instead of fit to a standard - we are building a new tomorrow. A tomorrow where children are confident, expressed, enlivened and ready for a big and bold life!

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