Nurture curiosity with screen-free, educational games!

PlayCubes offer a wide range of engaging games for children 3 to 8!

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Interactive games that:

Make kids smarter. Make families stronger. Tell great stories.

  • Insert the game

  • Listen and Watch

  • Interact to Play!

  • Easy Recharge

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  • Michelle Diamond

    Mom of a 3 and 5 years old

    « One huge benefit is how engaged they are.
    This is a really good alternative to screen time because they’r learning and it keeps them busy! »

  • Shanice Rose

    Mom of a 5 and 7 years old

    « You can take it on the go, it engages them really well and allows them to stay focused.
    It’s really friendly and a well thought out games platform! »

  • Louis Park

    Dad of a 6 years old girl

    « My daughter cried when the tester left our house with the product... I think this summarizes how much she loved it. »

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  • Science-based.

    We partner with PhD Neuroscientists that specialize in child development to validate the games’ educational value. 

  • Independence in Play.

    Let your children develop their interests independently, guilt-free and without the need for assistance.

  • Screen-Free!

     With Tokidos, you don’t worry about screen time or inappropriate online content. It’s safe!

  • Built to last.

    We know how kids play, so we designed this with robustness and longevity as top priorities. 

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