The First Screen-free Gaming Console for kids 3 to 8!

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A connected, interactive and away from screens play experience!

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Safe content for our

With the Tokidos 5, there’s no risk of stumbling upon unwanted ads or harsh content. Games and content are designed to provide great interactive content, with values that focus on healthy family values and a growth mindset.
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Kids in control develop

Let your children get immersed in a world of games while developing their independence. The Tokidos 5 are designed to help children have fun alone AND with the whole family.
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Screen-free playtime

As parents ourselves, we understand the challenges of overexposure to screen-time. With Tokidos games, you can rely on a powerful and engaging experience away from screens!
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Educational games adapted to our children’s interests

As long as you’re ok sharing your data, we learn which games are most interesting to you and recommend the ones that are most fitting to your family and child’s interest.
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Designed to develop cognitive intelligence

As long as you’re ok sharing your data, we learn which games are most interesting to you and recommend the ones that are most fitting to your family and child’s interest.
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Quality family play time!

Families are at the heart of our mission. We strive to unite families around fun, knowledge and some friendly competition.

Play, learn, grow!

Alone, with friends or with family, there’s always a game to play, learn from or just have fun!


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From 3 to 8+

Play Tokies that match your interests, whether it's music, logic, languages, math or storytelling!

How it works


Insert a game card to
start the game!

image of a hand inserting a game card into the main Tokidos cube.


Listen and watch instructions!

image of a hand holding a Tokidos cube to show the speaker. image of a hand holding a Tokidos cube to show the LED matrix.


Play games by shaking, snaping cubes together
or pressing them. Alone, with friends or family.
There’s always a game for each occasion!

image of a hand shaking one of the Tokidos cubes. image two hands snapping two Tokidos cubes together. image of a finger pressing on a Tokidos cube.

What Do Parents think of Tokidos?

Image of a parent.


Mom of 4 years old Thomas


"My child cried when the test session was over… I think this summarizes his experienced quite well. We'd really like to have those cute cubes."

Image of a parent.


Dad of a 3 and 6 year old


"I have never seen my children spend more than 5 minutes on an educational game and they have just spent an hour and a half playing with the Tokidos 5. I can't believe it! We can't wait to have it at home all the time."


Tokidos’ design principles focus on family values and scientific research to create magical play experiences.

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Manipulative play

When a child manipulates objects, they develop hand-eye coordination, concentration and perseverance skills while learning about cause and effect and how to creatively analyse and solve problems. The Tokidos 5’s snapping mechanism and digital content also add a significantly richer experience to manipulation compared to traditional objects.
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A rich and collaborative play experience

When playing with the Tokidos 5, children and families engage in rich storytelling, challenging games and collaborative or solo play. Unlike a phone or tablet screen that is conceived to be used by a single person, the Tokidos 5 and their games are designed to be played alone AND collaboratively.
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Integrated guidance and instant feedback

Instructions, guidance and tips are built into the games directly so won’t need an extra instructions guide. This means that in a maths game, if your child is doing 6 minus 8 to get to 2, they will automatically be informed that the biggest number needs to be in front of the equation. Isn’t it great when you can learn and improve immediately?
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Children and families genuinely love it

We’ve yet to test with children who didn’t ask their parents to keep the prototypes! And to our surprise, parents loved playing the games too. Although some games are designed for children only, the nature of the Tokidos 5 allows parents to easily engage and problem solve with their children! And when it comes down to social games, it’s sometimes hard to stop playing…
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Games adapt, so everyone can play

Game difficulty adjusts to the player so everyone is welcome to play. Too hard and we lose interest and too easy and we get bored. That’s why each games’ algorithm is designed to maintain that fine line between challenging and entertaining.
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Made for Travel

The Tokidos 5’s compact case and form factor make it an easy travelling companion. The case is used to charge the cubes, store them, store the game cards as well as the corde extension when not charging! A bit like our smartphones, but adapted to our children!


Frequently asked questions about robustness, delivery and more.

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How robust are the Tokidos?

The Tokidos are designed with heavy wear and tear in mind. We know that things can get quite competitive and upsetting, and we make sure that the Tokidos can take quite a beating so that you can focus on fun and play without interruption!
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When will delivery of the Tokidos begin?

Delivery will begin in the fall of 2023. We know you want to have them as early as possible, and we’re working hard on that. We also wanna make sure that you receive a product you’re really satisfied with and avoid rushing through key development cycles to ensure a top quality play experience.
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What are the benefits of educational games?

Educational games combine the fun of playing with the thirst to learn. Children are immensely curious, but often get bored when learning material that is not stimulating enough. But when gaming mechanics meet rich content, learning becomes more approachable and exciting. At Tokidos, we make sure that the balance between learning and playing is such that you learn by being engaged in fun challenges, stories and interactive, brains-on play.
3D icon of a family on a camp site.

What are the benefits of family play time?

There are many benefits to family play time, but the one we find most important is the bond that gets developed within family members. This often includes laughter, jokes and good times but can also include competitiveness, losing and winning as well as some disappointments. We think that they are all a part of building a strong family bond and using these experiences to learn how to deal with high and low emotions!
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What social games can a family play?

Social family games can be as simple as getting points for whoever sees a red car first. A really fun game while on the road. At Tokidos, we’re creating social games for all ages and contexts: for the road, the cottage, the plane or at home. We also make it so that all skills of all ages can be used and developed, be it vocabulary, colour names, numbers, maths or general fun facts.
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What educational games can my children play?

The best games for your children are the ones that they are naturally drawn to. If your children like maths or languages, we recommend putting as many flavours of maths and language games in front of them. But we often find that some interests don’t arise because of understimulation or suboptimal introductions to certain subjects or topics. For children to feel comfortable in a certain topic, make sure that they learn its basics in a suitable way. They might just develop a new interest!
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For what age are the Tokidos appropriate?

The Tokidos are designed for children 3 to 8 and their families. It’s a concervative age range and we know that children up to 10 have a fond interest in the Tokidos. We do intend to create gaming experiences for children up to 12, such as to allow them to code their own games. But this will be coming a little further down the road!
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Are the Tokidos better than other educational and social gaming platforms?

We say that ourselves. But many parents that have tried the Tokidos 5 leave the experience amazed and praise how “smart” the conception of the games and platform is and “unlike anything out there”. Our recommendation is that you try it for yourself and see if your children really enjoy it. We’ll be happy to have it back if it doesn’t suit your needs.
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How do the Tokidos work?

You simply place a game card in the mouth of the main cube to start a new game. You’ll then see and hear the instructions of the game and you can start playing. Each cube has a rechargeable battery, so you simply place them in their case to charge them. For more info, see the video below.